Playgrounds exist for children.

At the playground children swing, climb and run. Their muscles grow and their social skills develop amid laughter and tears, victories and scars, and make-believe adventures or extended games of tag. The climbing wall invites the strong and the timid with that eternal challenge, “Do you have what it takes to conquer me?” The swing waits patiently to send each child into the clouds. The sandlot hopes children will create and build and paint with sand. The playground is a safe place for imaginations to soar, stretch, and even struggle.

My Theological Playground exists for theological children like me.

God has graciously given me four years of service in a church as youth pastor and minister of Christian Education, twenty one years of service in a Bible college as a librarian and as a member of the faculty teaching Christian Education and Bible courses, ten years of service in the retail sector, and now almost two years of service as a seminary librarian. During these adult years my understanding of God’s Word continues to soar, stretch, and even struggle. I need space to express and test my ideas in a safe place.

2015-04-04 Playground - swings -small

For example,

What do we do with predestination? The Calvinist vs. Arminian debate has gotten us nowhere. Will my thoughts help change the direction of this theological quagmire?

And what about the violent God of the Old Testament vs the merciful God of the New Testament? God commanded holocaust against the Hittites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites (see Deuteronomy 20, especially verses 16-18). Yet both Jesus and Paul taught us not to resist an evil person (see Matthew 5:38-42 and Romans 12:17-21).

And what about creation vs. evolution? Conservative Christians hold themselves hostage to a literal understanding of Genesis when, obviously, the creation narratives provide answers for pre-scientific cultures.

And what about the “soon” return of Jesus?

And what about the homosexual agenda that has swept Western civilization?

And what about the cultural wars among major religions?

This stuff keeps me awake at night. My vain imagination produces solution after solution, but it’s all stored away in my head – the place where fantasy and reality collide – and I need your help in sorting out these ideas. Or maybe it’s my pride requiring an audience – you. Or maybe the Holy Spirit is guiding me to articulate new paths of theological pursuit. I don’t know. But here is my reality:

As a librarian, I catalog the mclimbing wall - smallost recently published theological books. Something inside of me screams that I must read the next book – NOW!  But as I skim the contents of the next book, my thoughts explode “because” I have the answer lacking in this particular book.

I apologize for my arrogance! But this is why I need a theological playground.

Wanna play with me?

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  1. The “Predestination vs. Free Will” tab opens the main page for this blog. I intend to write future blogs about the nine issues listed in that blog and then link them together. Then you can click the “Predestination vs. Free Will” tab and quickly locate the blog that deals with one of the nine issues.  For example, the “Predestination is only a matter of perspective” blog (posted on August 26, 2015) amplifies the first of these nine issues.
  2. I have embedded additional information, Scriptural quotations and “footnotes” through out my blog entries. When you see this pointing finger  Linking finger2  appear over hypertext links, you can open a new screen that will provide supplemental information.

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